• TPS Golden Eagle Wins 2015 Red Dot Award, 2016 IF Award
  • Rectifiers - DPR 3000 EnergE 98%

Indoor Power Systems

Our InD systems fall into three categories according to size. The flexible CellD and CabD standard platforms meet most needs. However, should you need a custom solution with a unique architecture, we will come up with one – to your exact specifications.

Outdoor Power Systems

Available in different configurations, Delta OutD cabinets are designed to protect equipment from external threats in all climates from the tropics to the arctic.

Renewable Hybrid

Renewables play a significant role in Delta’s product portfolio and R&D activities. RenE is Delta’s hybrid renewable solution featuring a modular power supply concept. RenE solutions use renewable energyor a combination of renewable and other energy...
Delta TPS Solutions - Rectifiers


A rectifier converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and provides the power necessary to charge batteries. With a focus on continuously improving the total cost of ownership, Delta’s rectifiers, combined with advanced control and monitoring...


Delta DC to DC converters are designed to provide reliable backup power for equipment with supply voltages different from that of the main battery backup system. Delta’s DC converters complement our InD and OutD systems to produce total site power...


The solar charger adapts the output from the solar panels to the telecom battery system. The built-in maximum power tracker control ensures that the maximum solar power available is processed in the optimal manner into the battery system...


Delta’s inverters and static switches, combined with our DC power systems, provide a modular UPS for AC power backup.


A power system controller monitors and controls the entire system and site power infrastructure, maximizes battery life, supports energy saving, and informs the operator of maintenance needs.

Telecom Power Solutions

Telecom power systems secure telecommunication services in case of grid power interruptions and fluctuations. Delta’s power systems are designed for wireless broadband access and fixed-line applications, as well as for Internet backbone and data centres. We provide a broad range of power systems and global services to telecom operators, network manufacturers and integrators.