Delta PQC Series - Active Harmonic (Power) Filter

Active Harmonic (Power) Filter


New Generation Precise Filter Technology with Modular Design

Product Overview

Delta PQC Series is an advanced modular active power filter (APF) system. Our highly reliable power quality products are based on the global R&D and large-scale production of Delta Group. The PQC Series is widely used in process industries such as cement, metal, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well as industries such as textiles, automobiles, health care, petrochemicals, datacenters, and more.

Delta PQC Series APF System

▲ Delta PQC Series APF System


Product Structure

The Delta PQC Series active power filter system is constructed of one or several filter modules, with an optional LCM system controller. The filter modules and LCM controller can be embedded in Delta’s standard system cabinet or a third-party cabinet according to user requirements. CT terminations, C-class SPD and breakers are fixed in a standard cabinet, and the APF capacity can be configured according to user requirements. The filter capacity can be easily expanded at the user’s site by plugging in filter modules. Each filter module can filter multi-selected harmonics simultaneously, with reactive power and imbalance compensation by DSP control.


Operation Principle

The PQC Series APF has a parallel topology between grid side and load side, and can follow and compensate the dynamic harmonic current rapidly. In principle the APF measures harmonic current by CT, and actively calculates each order harmonic current by DSP FFT algorithms, and then it generates a current with phase that is opposite to the measured distorting harmonic current, which cancels out the original harmonics.

The PQC series APF not only eliminates harmonic current from the load side, but it also eliminates grid side harmonic voltage caused by harmonic current, as well as the harm caused by harmonic current and voltage. The APF system can also generate reactive power and imbalance compensation currents, which can cancel existing reactive power and imbalance currents in the system.

Delta Active Power Filter - Operation Principle

Treatment Effect

Delta’s PQC Series APF perfectly eliminates harmonic current and harmonic voltage caused by harmonic current, and ensures the THDu (Total Harmonic Distortion of grid Voltage) < 3%, the THDi (Total Harmonic Distortion of grid current) < 5% and the PF (Power Factor) > 95% with sufficient capacity and low background harmonics. It can also reduce losses and improve the reliability of the power supply system and can also reduce power off loss caused by power quality such as resonance.

PQC Application case: For communication IDC room, as below:
Grid current waveform, value and THDi before and after elimination (record by Fluke 435)

1. Waveform and value :
It can be seen that current is sinusoidal and value is small after elimination.

Waveform and value

2. THDi :

THDi :

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