Mphasis and Delta Power Solutions unleash the Next… Innovative Solution ‘ProTecht’ to Enable Sustainable Ecosystem for Safe and Green ATM Banking

Mphasis, a leading IT services provider, today announced the launch of an innovative all-in-one e-Surveillance & Power Efficiency Solution ‘ProTecht’, in partnership with Delta Power Solutions, a global leader in power management. The partnership will enable Mphasis Payment Managed Services (MPMS), the end-to-end ATM Deployment and Management Services unit of Mphasis, to offer the most comprehensive single window solution for ATM security and power efficiency innovation across the ATM industry.

There has been a rapid expansion of ATM banking in India, making it imperative for banks to address multiple issues and concerns that surface with such scalable model. The issues range from power consumption, housekeeping, cash replenishment, settlement cycles, management and most notably security. There has been a steep rise in ATM security crimes, especially in the recent past. Theseincidents have led to huge financial losses and also adversely impacted the brand promise of providing secure banking environment to customers. The requirement of technology driven and cost effective ecosystem for secure and high availability ATM is the need of the hour.

ProTecht, an innovative e-Surveillance and Power Efficiency solution, leverages next-generation technology to enable a sustainable ecosystem for safe, secure and Green ATM Banking. Its single user interface provides a 360 degree view of an ATM and the ATM site. ProTecht’s bi-directional and programmable features provides efficient, reliable and economic multi-layered security solution such as active-deterrence, real-time security monitoring, image and video analytics and helps in taking proactive actions before the theft is committed.

ProTecht will help Mphasis addresses a suite of customer-centric offerings for safety and security that include theft prevention, theft deterrent, real time alarms and reduction in overall energy spends at ATM sites by 30% and proactive maintenance to ensure higher uptime.

“Mphasis entered the ATM business in September 2012. Due to our technology background, we have challenged the conventional way the industry has run and leveraged technology across all aspects be it cloud-based Site ourcing& implementation to advanced Site monitoring and analytics solutions. The ‘ProTecht’solution leverages technology for quick and speedy action/prevention of theft like never seen before. Advanced analytics both image & video make it less human dependent and combined with best in class power efficiency, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of this solution is a very cost competitive value proposition for the Indian Banking sector. The move is a step forward by the Mphasis Payment Managed Services business that won the Financial Inclusion – ICT Innovation award for the Ministry of Finance ATM project last year.”, said Puneet Bhirani, Executive Vice President & Head - Mphasis Payment Managed Services.

“We at Delta are excited by the enormous opportunity that we have at hand to deploy our digital surveillance and energy optimization solution, ‘ProTecht’. The solution will help create a sustainable ecosystem for Safe and Green ATM banking in the country. We have already invested significantly around this technology and ProTecht has proven its worth, having already been deployed at 15,000 Telecom sites in India which have higher security threat risks in comparison to banks.” said Dalip Sharma, Managing Director, Delta India.

Mphasis Payment Managed Services offers end-to-end ATM Deployment and Management Services to 26 public sector banks in India helping them increase their reach while reducing operation costs and increasing up-time. Mphasis has deployed over 8,500 ATMs within a short span of time, making it the fastest and largest deployer of ATMs under the Ministry of Finance ATM outsourcing project. Mphasis Payment Managed Services also won the Financial Inclusion – ICT Innovation award for the Ministry of Finance ATM project in November 2013.

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