Edge Datacenter

One in three existing datacenter sites may not be upgradeable to advanced digital services for reasons of space, weight, power, cooling and so forth. In this IT intensive world with heavy data traffic, an “Edge datacenter” could act as a caching and data-aggregation point between the users and larger datacenters to ease the overwhelming IT load. Edges of network needs are driving the fast growth of containerized and modular datacenter adoption.



Small datacenters (about 10–100kW IT load) geographically located close to end users and intended to:

  • Reduce latency
  • Decrease network congestion
  • Keep mission-critical applications on premises
  • And/or act as a data-aggregation and content-caching point between a user and a central datacenter.

In simpler terms, it’s a data center “in between” a central datacenter and the end user, or “what’s left” on premises after a company outsources the management of its computing and storage needs to colocation and cloud-service providers.

Source: IHS



Following the growing applications of edge computing, Delta is offering a new generation of modular datacenter or containerized datacenter with flexible power and cooling design, quick deployment and scalable capacity for implementations anywhere. The high quality from recurring assembly process and standardization leads to risk reduction. Besides, the modular or containerized solutions can also be optimized from perspectives of performance, efficiency and manageability. Customers will enjoy “pay as you go” benefits at less risk with known quality at locations wherever they need.

Modular Datacenter

▲ Modular Datacetner 

Containerized datacenter

▲ Containerized Datacenter

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