• Delta news and event
  • 2014.05.26

    Delta Ultron EH Series UPS awarded the most innovative and energy efficient UPS product of 2014 in India

    Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) has won the award for most innovative UPS Series product of 2014 from India’s NCN publication for the outstanding design of the Ultron EH Series UPS.

    The prestigious award was given to Delta’s Ultron EH Series UPS for its innovative design and energy efficiency. The Ultron EH Series UPS, with power ratings of 10/15/20kVA, is a true online uninterruptible power supply device with three-phase four-line input and single-phase output, which can provide a reliable and stable sine wave power supply to protect mission critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption. The Ultron EH Series UPS provides clean power supply for server rooms, communication systems, computer network systems, medical treatment systems, surveillance systems, factory equipment, and more.

    The award ceremony was held at New Delhi on 23rd May 2014 to honor the companies with outstanding commitment to innovation and energy efficiency in India. The leading IT companies such as HP, Dell, Zebronics, and Schneider, as well as channel partners from all across India joined the event. This is a significant and respected award in the IT channel segment in India.

    The award boosts Delta’s standing within India’s IT channel community. “The recognition is proof of the distinctive capability of Delta to adapt to a dynamic business environment and deliver innovative and energy efficient products,” says Mr. Suhas Joshi, Vice President, Delta Power Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. As a leading power management company, Delta leads in innovation to meet the business needs of our customers, and in addressing the growing demand of power in today’s world.