• Delta news and event
  • 2014.11.28

    Delta presents an overview of green data center trends toward achieving BCA-IDA eco-friendly data center standards at 2014 BICSI

    Data center are a common topics today, but what are the considerations towards a green data center: Modularity in vertical and horizontal expansion; High availability on reliability redundancy; Achieving more with less on power efficiency; Flexibility cooling and control on thermal management; and Flexible, Consistent, and Scalability Design.

    Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) business unit, with its expertise in power and thermo management, presents consideration and solutions on power management of datacenters and how to innovate green in today’s data center at the 2014 BICSI.

    During the conference, Delta demonstrated three strategic areas that will impact data center development and four key drivers that will reshape the data center design and concepts. Delta presents how our power and cooling solution can achieve high availability with a full redundancy design that include monitoring of PUE and data center management.

    Delta received great response at the event, and will be following up with further engagement with prospect that had shown such interest.

    2014 BICSI