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  • 2014.07.25

    Delta’s new director in South America for MCIS (UPS & Data Center Infrastructure): John Rogus

    Delta Greentech, with headquarters in Taiwan, is a worldwide provider of power supplies, power management solutions, components, industrial automation and renewable energy products that is dedicated to strengthening its position in the global data center market. The company, which has a sales office in Sao Paulo and an industrial plant in Curitiba, PR, is launching new products and strengthening its image in South America as a supplier of energy efficient products.

    Delta offers InfraSuite, a modular concept that combines power systems, UPSs, PDUs (power distribution units), precision cooling and DCIM – a monitoring system for data centers based on software and sensors that improve rack space utilization and heat dissipation by controlling temperature and humidity. "It is a solution for smaller facilities with 200-400 servers that costs up to 50% less compared to other DCIM systems on the market," says John Rogus, Director of MCIS (Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions) recently appointed by Delta.

    Mr. Rogus has been following the evolution of power systems and technologies for data centers for 40 years. A graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, U.S.A., with a focus on physics and marketing, Mr. Rogus headed commercial and technical operations for UPSs from leading brands in the markets of Greece, England, Hong Kong, and Japan, before settling permanently in Brazil.

    Mr. Rogus was hired to take over and grow Delta’s market share in the UPS and data center areas. The actions he will take include hiring people and strengthening the technical support team for pre- and post-sales in Brazil.