• Delta Telecom Power Solutions


    ORION controller is the solution for any system, from small to very large, thanks to easy expandability with CAN bus communication and a range of front-end modules. Enhanced functions, such as efficiency mode and genset fuel saving, enable operating cost reductions. Battery management with capacity test and life time prediction and enhanced rectifier functions including redundancy supervision make it easy to monitor system availability and plan site visits in cost effective manner. Remote monitoring and alarming, and consequent cost savings, are ensured with potential-free relay contacts and modem or LAN/Ethernet, SMS, SNMP or Modbus. An integrated web server offers a user-friendly interface with a standard browser both for local and remote communication.

    The user can choose from three different versions of ORION:

    • ORION ID:B1 is the standard version with full functionality and hot-pluggable system integration.

    • ORION ID:C1 has the the same functionality as ID:B1 but in a PSC 3 compatible physical format. It can be used to upgrade the functionality of old PSC 3 based systems to the latest level.

    • ORION ID:D1 is an economical version of ORION with a hot-pluggable format and an optimized functionality for typical telecom power systems.