• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • CabD 3000


    CabD is Delta’s robust indoor cabinet developed for expandable telecom power systems. The number 3000 defines the maximum current carrying capacity of single cabinet bus bars. Total load current in parallel configurations may be from 1000 A to over 10000 A.

    A complete system includes high efficiency rectifiers, AC and DC connections, battery connection and the advanced Orion controller. The system is typically organized in bulk power concept. The rectifiers are housed in a rectifier cabinet including the AC inputs. The battery connections locate in specific cabinet and load connections in distribution cabinet. Optionally the rectifiers, battery connection and even one load distribution row are possible to be configured in a single cabinet.

    The multi cabinet CabD 3000 power system is easy to define with a table-based technical configuration file. Finally, Delta factory configures the cabinets to be individually packed for delivery. Delta is known for quality and product reliability – in this solution that has been combined to optimize the total cost of ownership.



    • Central offices
    • Mobile telephone switching offices
    • Data centers