• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • CellD CPS 1500B


    The CPS 1500B DC / DC converter shelf series belongs to the Delta CellD product series. The modular architecture enables the possibility to easy create dual voltage system solutions. This high power density system is ideal for space critical applications.

    The shelf type of system in 23 inch and 19 inch standard includes up to six respectively five DC / DC converter modules The shelf is universal design and can be equipped with either CPC 1500B - 48 or with CPC 1500B - 24 converter module to achieve either a 24V / 48V conversion respectively 48 V / 24 V conversion.

    In addition, easy installation and expandability add to the success of the system. Delta is known for quality and product reliability, and to this solution has been added cost effectiveness.

    The shelf systems provide full system function integration with Delta’s rectifier and hybrid power solutions by using Orion / PSC 3 controller. With the available simple alarm board option, it is possible to create simple alarm logic for monitoring purposes of the DC/DC converters and load distribution fuses.



    • Wireless applications
    • Transmission
    • Outdoor