• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • Power backup with inverters and static switches

    Delta’s inverters and static switches, combined with our DC power systems, provide a modular UPS for AC power backup. During normal operation, the system can operate in economy mode in which the energy efficiency of the total installation can be optimized. In regions with AC utility challenges, the inverter system protects the auxiliary AC-powered infrastructure from AC mains fluctuations. In addition, the inverter system offers new opportunities for energy savings by providing backup AC power.

    Delta’s inverters complement the InD and OutD systems, providing total site power solutions.
    The Delta API 1500A Series inverter is high efficient, modular single phase inverter. The overload capability enables the inverter to deliver high start up currents demanded by appliances such as air conditioners.
    The Delta SSW Series static switch provides uninterruptible AC power by acting as an electronic switch between the AC mains and the Delta API 1500A series modular inverters. The two standard static switch modules are designed for 7.5 kVA and 30 kV...