• DPR 6000 EnergE


    The DPR 6000-48 series is a three phase rectifier with outstanding efficiency and power density. Those unique features offer significant energy cost saving opportunities when replacing existing high power installations. The compact size allows reducing the amount of cabinets in high power applications, which save valuable space in the installations. This rectifier is optimal for installations, where the neutral connection is not available. Features include wide input voltage range and low input current distortion. These advantages help lower the cost in the AC installation.

    Installation is simplified as all Delta rectifiers have their connectors at rear and are hot-pluggable. Fan cooling with speed control ensures near silent operations.


    DPR 6000B is used in Delta CabD systems for:

    • Data centres
    • Core networks MSC
    • Fixed line applications, data communications

    TPS Rectifiers - DPR 6000 EnergE

    View here the Delta EnergE video