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  • Efficient current conversion in a compact form

    A rectifier converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and provides the power necessary to charge batteries. With a focus on continuously improving the total cost of ownership, Delta’s rectifiers, combined with advanced control and monitoring features, help reduce both capital and operational expenditure. Our rectifiers boast an industry-leading power density while fulfilling space and weight requirements. They leave plenty of room for other equipment and create savings in packaging and transportation costs. In addition, their high efficiency lowers total energy consumption and reduces the environmental footprint.

    Delta’s rectifiers are easy to install, as their connectors are located at the rear and are hot-pluggable. Fan cooling with speed control renders operating almost silent. In general the rectifiers include a wide AC input voltage range, protection against AC overvoltage and optional protection against loss of neutral, which make this solution very reliable even in the regions with AC utility network problems.

    The EnergE rectifiers meet the new standard of energy efficiency.

    Telecom Power Solutions - Rectifiers - DPR 600/1000 EnergE
    The Golden Eagle is intended for 4G LTE outdoor applications. 96% high efficiency and IP65 protection rating with its compact and stylish form factor and built in full power functionality.
    DPR 850B Series is a single phase rectifier with out-standing efficiency and power density. This rectifier is optimal for 1U shelf solutions, and the short depth and extended operating temperature range make it most suitable for space-critical...
    Delta TPS - Rectifiers - DPR 2900 EnergE 97.2%
    Delta’s new telecom rectifier DPR 2900 EnergE provides the industrial leading efficiency of 97.2%. The single phase, hot pluggable fan cooled rectifier provide the 36.5W/in³ outstanding power density. Integrated with the high efficiency rectifier...
    Optimal for compact 1U shelf solutions, the DPR 2900 rectifier series provides up to 11.6 kW in CellD shelf systems. The small size makes it a good choice for embedded power in wireless base stations or in broadband access points...
    Rectifiers - DPR 3000 EnergE 97.5%
    Delta’s new telecom rectifier DPR 3000 EnergE provides the industrial leading efficiency of 97.5%. The single phase, hot pluggable fan cooled rectifier provide the 56.8W/in³ outstanding power density. Integrated with the high efficiency rectifier...
    Delta Telecom Power Solutions, Rectifiers, DPR 3000 EnergE 98%
    Delta’s DPR 3000E-48 series rectifiers now offer the world’s highest energy conversion efficiency of up to 98%, and the highest power density 56.8W/in3, a remarkable breakthrough that will enable not only further OPEX savings but also lower carbon...
    Very powerful rectifier ideal for high-power applications such as central offices, data centres and MSCs. Compact system integration reduces space requirements dramatically, which means that you can embed distribution into the same cabinet...
    TPS - DPR 6000 EnergE
    The DPR 6000-48 series is a three phase rectifier with outstanding efficiency and power density. Those unique features offer significant energy cost saving opportunities when replacing existing high power installations.