• RenE OutD 8700-48


    Delta’s new RenE OutD 8700-48 hybrid renewable solution provides power to the telecom site with any combination of AC grid, diesel generator and renewable solar or wind energy sources. Based on Delta’s OutD cabinet, RenE OutD 8700-48 offers various climate management options for different environments around the world.

    The system includes an automatic transfer switch (ATS) for AC-grid/genset input, rectifiers, solar converters, a power distribution unit for solar and wind power, and load and battery connections. Depending of the power, backup and battery life requirements, the system can be expanded with battery cabinets.

    The PSC 3 controller is responsible for energy and site infrastructure management and supervision. The fully integrated solution and careful energy management minimize the waste of energy during the day/night energy cycling process.

    RenE secures reliable power supply even in remote and rural areas. It is an energy-efficient and OPEX-optimized solution for ensuring lower CO2 emissions.