• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • Telecom power systems R&D – Total energy efficiency

    At Delta, R&D of telecom power systems is organized to ensure efficient use of global resources, agility and synergies between various product groups, and centres of excellence. Systems engineering takes place on different continents, close to customers and with a constant ear on local needs.

    Delta is strong in both indoor and outdoor solutions. R&D work is geared towards achieving high energy efficiency and power density. Further focus on control and monitoring features ensures cost efficiency and a smaller environmental footprint.

    Delta is the industry leader in power density, which specifies how much power is packed into a single unit of volume. This is essential in electronic devices as it defines the product’s current flow in relation to size. High power density means efficient use of materials, savings in packaging and transportation, as well as lower CO2 emissions. The small size also makes it possible to integrate telecom devices flexibly into a single cabinet.

    Energy efficiency refers to how large a percentage of the electricity consumed by a rectifier or inverter can be passed on. High energy efficiency translates into lower cost of use – and is seen directly in the electricity bill.

    Advanced fuel-saving concepts for reducing diesel generator use create savings in operating costs. Based on advanced remote monitoring solutions, the reduction in diagnostics and maintenance trips to the site also contribute to the energy efficiency of Delta’s products. Delta is the industry leader also in the ease of use of power systems. The advanced plug-and-play functionality of power modules enables simple maintenance. Modern IP-based communication technologies for local or remote diagnostics make it extremely easy to connect computers to the power systems.