• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • EnergE-labelled rectifiers set a new standard for the industry

    Delta's EnergE label is part of our new total energy efficiency concept SolutionE, which offers global solutions to energy challenges in telecom industry. Explore SolutionE:

    EnergE covers rectifiers offering the highest energy efficiency. We have set strict criteria for individual products entitled to the EnergE label. They all have the world’s leading energy efficiency in their specific power range, and always an efficiency of 95% or higher. The label helps you distinguish Delta’s most energy-efficient rectifiers.

    Currently Delta’s DPR 850, DPR 3000, DPR 2900DPR 4000 and  DPR 6000 rectifiers carry the EnergE label with up to > 95% efficiency.


    Energy efficiency and rectifiers

    Energy efficiency refers to how efficiently a module converts primary energy into secondary energy without losses. Power density specifies how much power is packed into a single unit of volume. It is essential in electronic devices as it defines the product’s energy conversion capability in relation to its size.

    Sustainability is important for Delta. In addition to improving the efficiency of individual modules, Delta also focuses on improving the total energy efficiency and total cost of ownership of its products. High power density, advanced control and monitoring solutions and energy efficiency reduce the environmental footprint, capital expenditures and operating costs.