• Delta Telecom Power Solutions
  • A sustainability leader in the industry

    Our planet is facing the enormous challenge of climate change. We have already experienced rising temperatures and sea levels, the diminishing snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere, and more frequent extreme weather conditions such as floods. The future effects of climate change can be influenced by decisions made today. Our mission at Delta is to provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow.

    Some of our contributions to sustainable development include energy-efficient products, the use of alternative energy sources, life cycle thinking, process development, personnel training, and taking environmental issues into account when building facilities. We also use a green product management system that takes into account not only our environmental performance but also that of our suppliers.

    In the products offered by the Energy Solutions Business Group, sustainability is built on three cornerstones:
    • Sustainability of individual modules and components
    • Comprehensive energy efficiency of our systems, including environmental footprint of maintenance
    • Use of renewable energy sources in our photovoltaic and hybrid renewable solutions

    SolutionE is our new total energy efficiency concept for telecom power. It brings energy efficiency to the system level with cutting-edge control and monitoring functionality featuring the most efficient power conversion modules, cooling options and renewable energy sources in the market. For SolutionE experience, please visit our minisite:

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