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  • Total energy efficiency - SolutionE

    We secure the vital operations of our customers by providing uninterruptible power in the most energy-efficient way possible. SolutionE is our new total energy efficiency concept. It brings together Delta’s most energy-efficient products. SolutionE revolutionizes the market standards. It brings energy efficiency to the system level with cutting-edge control and monitoring functionality featuring the most efficient power conversion modules, cooling options and renewable energy sources in the market.

    SolutionE products:

    • EnergE rectifiers save 6–8% on energy when compared to older products.
    • The advanced cooling features of OutD systems create energy savings of up to 80% or more.
    • Advanced controllers enable the use of smaller diesel generators and create energy savings of over 30% in fuel or over 50% as a result of battery control.
    • RenE hybrid renewable systems enable energy savings of up to 100%.
    • In addition to flawless current feed, the SMCS also enables energy savings thanks to its generator monitoring, control and maintenance features.


    EnergE - Rectifiers that stand for energy efficiency

    Delta’s EnergE rectifiers are a sustainable solution to power conversion. All EnergE products meet the highest energy-efficiency standards of up to 96% or more. Replacing old rectifiers with the latest EnergE technology will reduce site energy consumption by up to 7%. The older and less efficient the technology to be replaced is, the bigger the savings. The cost savings can amount to thousands of US dollars, especially at remote sites powered by diesel generators. Read more:


    Controllers - Supporting sustainable operations

    Controllers are the brains of a modern telecom system, and they play a key role in enabling sustainable site operation. Delta’s first-class controllers enable the use of smaller diesel generators and create savings of over 30% in fuel consumption or over 50% as a result of efficient battery control. Read more:


    OutD cooling - Cooling power wherever you need it

    Cooling plays a critical role in site energy consumption: it requires roughly as much energy as the actual telecom equipment. The advanced climate management features of Delta’s OutD solutions reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling by up to 80%. Read more:


    RenE - Green energy from renewable sources

    The use of renewable energy sources helps reduce the carbon footprint, and cuts operating costs by creating energy savings of up to 100% when compared to outdated solutions. In addition, renewable energy sources ensure reliable telecom services in areas where mains power is unreliable or unavailable. Read more:


    Site Monitoring and Control System (SMCS) - Optimizing energy efficiency

    The SMCS includes an automatic input bypass functionality that connects rectifiers to mains power if the quality of the power supply is sufficient. Advanced generator management and monitoring features, and allowing a DC system to operate directly using AC power, are further examples of how the SMCS not only secures reliable power supply in all regions but also ensures optimal energy efficiency. Read more: